Holmes Radiator Shop is a family owned business that has been in operation since 1929.
A broken radiator can lead to even more problems if itís not fixed immediately. Brainerd MN. residents and their vehicles are particularly susceptible to intense heat waves and bitter cold snaps, so itís extremely important that your radiator is working perfectly. Our expert technicians can replace and repair radiators at the most affordable prices. We can handle any issue.
The other parts of your carís cooling system work with your radiator to prevent over-heating. If your car is having heat-related problems, it may not be the radiator. Fortunately, we can fix and perform general maintenance on cooling systems to keep your car in top shape. Donít get stuck on the side of the road with a steaming vehicle! Come to us for all of the following and more
We offer low prices on thousands of new radiators in stock with lifetime warranties! You can replace your radiator yourself at home, or we will replace it for you. Either way youíll be amazed at our low prices. We even have a list of hard-to-get and obsolete new radiators for those having trouble locating applications a few years old. See our locations page and call the store nearest you Ė or call them all, weíd love to hear from you!
I just wanted to thank you guys for the great service our vacation to the lake could have been ruined
if it wasn't for the fast repair on our overheating radiator, you are the best.
Ron H, Oakdale, MN.
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