Radiator repair is the most trusted service at Holmes Radiator Shop in Brainerd, Minnesota. Radiators can be tricky, breaking down on you when you least expect it, and we understand this frustration. At our auto repair shop, we are licensed and certified to perform any radiator repair from flushes to diagnostics. Call us today at for a free estimate on radiator repair in central MN. For affordable and reliable radiator and exhaust repair in Minnesota, call Holmes radiator repair right away!
It takes a dedicated team of trained professionals to guarantee your heating and cooling system runs at it's peak performance
 We are a family owned and operated business that believes in hard work, customer satisfaction, and affordable prices. Since 1929 we have repaired thousands of car radiators in a thousand different ways. This makes us the radiator experts. Call us at 28-829-9354 for quality radiator repair services in Brainerd, MN. today!
Holmes Radiator Repair Shop
Radiator Repair is all we do serving Brainerd MN and the surrounding communities since 1929
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